April 11, 2015


According to Barbara Damrosch writing in the Washington Post, "Next to a knack for creating great soil, the most important skill in gardening is timing."
My timing is rarely on the money. I was able this afternoon to get some rooted cuttings planted ahead of a soaking rain.

Purple Porterweed went in the front garden.
Red, which you can't see here, went in the upper garden.

All but one of the Pentas cuttings that spent the winter in water are still making roots in the greenhouse before they plant out. 

Pineapple Sage and Persian Shield went in earlier in 
the week with copious watering.
One pot of chartreuse Alternanthera is planted.

Oh, that I had neatly delineated raised garden beds without a weed showing that I see in the blog, Daphne's Dandelions. It is a joy for me to look at her blog and see a neat row of raised beds. She showed where she pulled sweet Alyssum. I lack the grit to pull a single one that has a tiny blossom.

The little red and white Crape Myrtle that Miss Winnie rooted for me got Alyssum seeds in the pot after it arrived here. Now that little Crape has a frill of white blossoms around its ankles. I don't know if it will try to bloom. If it does a frill of Alyssum will make a pretty container. If it doesn't white blooms will still be pretty.

I hoped to finish pruning Boxwood this week. That didn't happen, either.

It looks as if Bloom Day will be Orange: flowering Pomegranate, Gerbera Daisies  and California Poppies.

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Alison said...

My timing is seldom right either, especially this time of year. I'm always behind. I try to keep an eye on the weather reports, to see if I can get plants in the ground just before a rain, but that's tricky.

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