April 26, 2015

Tomato Update and a Peek into the Mule Barn

Late entry: We ate that big tomato on a hamburger on Monday night. 
The newer plants have tiny tomatoes. I'm hopeful of continuing on with this project. 

It's hot in the hothouse now.

Last summer's tomato is still producing.

Climbing ever upward, the lower branches die off.
I don't know how long it can continue.

The 4 "new" tomato plants are 4 feet tall and full of blossoms. I saw at least one tiny tomato so I am not making changes. The 3 newly rooted plants are growing roots out the bottoms of their pots so they have to have new pots next week.

I'm still undecided about whether Bromeliads should go outside and whether an Epiphyllum should could back inside just to see how it fares.

Mule Barn

Suddenly the big, spacious Mule Barn floor is FULL. Not really full, there is room to walk around but the center floor space is taken up by the Mule, 
Riding Mower, Chopper/Shredder, wheeled weed whacker, push Mower, 
Yard Machine tiller and other garden accoutrements and I'm not finished.

I made temporary signs to remember what goes where.
So far the greenhouse area just has the winter heaters and a sign.
I thought of bringing the potting bench in, but it just won't fit.
He who Mows said dirt would not be a problem, just sweep it out.

The only hose, so far.

There's not going to be a lot of room
for tables and chairs. I did bring in my 
favorite garden lamp and my retirement clock.

Right off, a little sparrow thought this would be a fine place to raise a family. I yelled at her and she perched on the overhead cable, dropped the nest material in her beak, listened to shouts of reason and flew away. I know that sounds cruel, but much less cruel to redirect her to permanent, accessible quarters away from where the doors are closed all night and when there is rain. Better she starts over than unable to get in when her babies are starving.


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gld said...

What! No garden carts.....I now have three and they take up most of my room. Two for sprayers and one for carting tools and picking up 'stuff'.

Beautiful, tidy space....you are a neater person than I!

Even your equipment is pristine.

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