May 02, 2015

Ike the Antiques Enthusiast

Greenhouse gardening with a cat can be a pain.

Ike claims his territory and woe be to any plants that get in his way unless the pots are too heavy to shove. I got a notion to move the old shelf rack that held the tin rooster. I brought in a bentwood plant stand in its stead.

This bent twig plant stand from the 1930s belonged to my MIL. When I set the tin rooster on the potting bench while I moved pieces of furniture, Ike rubbed his head on the rooster, his way of 'marking' things he likes.

The rooster has a short history. The facility in the Florida panhandle where my late brother the Colonel spent his last days had a beautiful atrium filled with plants and places to sit. After my last visit there, I made a list of all the plants I could remember seeing and wrote down the other features that I could remember. One was a tin rooster on a post. Eventually I found a similar rooster for my greenhouse. He looks more or less toward the rising sun.

I tried to capture some of the detail on the plant stand 
behind the potting bench and around Ike.

 You can see that it was painted different colors over the years, shades of blue mostly. There is some yellow on the top. I only remember it as being painted with aluminum paint to match steel porch posts placed in the 1950s which now form my grape arbor.

Ike is pleased to have his rattan shelves back, just visible at left. He likes to lie on that bottom shelf. with his paws hanging off. It's kind of flimsy now. I think I've had it about 35 years.  Other times he's pleased to have plenty of room to stretch out around the twig plant stand. Ike likes to be up high where he can watch.

Ike wants you know that in his defense,  there are no mice in the greenhouse and fewer anoles than there might be otherwise. The anoles know to climb high.


Alison said...

Aw, Ike looks so comfortable! Love your old bentwood plant stand with all those layers of paint, and the rooster too.

gld said...

Cats are unique creatures....our black cat limped across the yard yesterday evening; he was moving slowly....I told DH I knew just how he felt!

How wonderful you have history behind most of your things....I love the rooster.....he would fit in my kitchen with my roosters.

outlawgardener said...

Both Ike and the rooster look very content with the new arrangement. Great plant stand!

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