June 14, 2015

Greenhouse Report

Tomatoes started ripening all at once.

Blueberries of course are from outdoors. We are weary of picking; 6 pints yesterday. Every day there are more.

Only a few plants besides the potted Tomato Plants and too many pots of Amaryllis remain. Bits and pieces of Burro Tail Sedums and Mistletoe Cactus are growing. Little cuttings of all kinds dot the benches.

The Meyer Lemon seeds I planted in spring are nice little plants now. Curiously, most of them have rounded leaves. The biggest one has leaves that are pointed at the tip. Six lemon plants may present a problem as the greenhouse fills this fall.

Pelargonium and Lemon seedlings

As I watered my lone Red Geranium this morning, I remembered that I meant to start cuttings from it. It blooms steadily and asks for very little other than occasional watering.

The outside needs a good washing. Being near a Juniper tree does not help.

I am beginning to lose my enchantment with Bromeliads now that they're outdoors.


Alison said...

Yes, 6 lemon trees might present a problem when winter comes. I'm envious of your blueberries. Are they just growing wild on your property?

Jean Campbell said...

These are not wild blueberries. We planted 5 blueberry bushes, all Rabbiteye blueberries developed to grow best in the south. Blueberries are easy. You treat them like azaleas except that blueberries grow best in sun, not shade. They do like acid soil.

outlawgardener said...

Isn't it interesting how quickly the greenhouse fills up? Your four lemons are still small enough to squeeze in somewhere come fall - for this year at least. So many possibilities with a greenhouse, it's tempting to try and grow everything.

Anna K said...

Oh, to have blueberries! Definitely in my next garden - in this one there is no room! I hear you about too many Amaryllis pots. I have plenty of those too - all rescues. I guess they will be a good random gift this fall - I really don't want this many again, even though they were lovely when they bloomed!

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