June 04, 2015

Hot Plants in and around the Greenhouse

They definitely get warm, even with mist and exhaust fanning. Many have moved out to shady spots, like the Burro Tail Sedum and Mistletoe Cactus.

Inside the greenhouse, all those little 'beans' I collected when they fell from the long tails, have turned into tiny plants, all clumped together in a yogurt container. How does one prick these babies out and plant?

Blooms in a Bromeliad

If you are not blooming, you're a prime host for a tiny frog calling for rain.

I tired of watering Calla lilies and they kind of outgrew their pots, so I planted them out along the Gardenias on the north side of the greenhouse.
Gardenia blooms are about done.

Inside, there's this:

The first tomato to start ripening on the plants I started 
early spring.


Alison said...

That Calla is so pretty! I saved all the little beans that fell too, but mine are still tiny little clumps of growth, hardly bigger than the head of a pin.

Jean Campbell said...

Don't let them dry out too much, Alison. They can take more water than I expected.

outlawgardener said...

I don't envy you the task of trying to get those little burro tails apart without knocking all the little beans off! Hooray for your tomato starting to ripen. What an exciting time of year it is!

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