July 10, 2015

Butterflies are Here. Again.

They never really leave but as new broods hatch, the numbers increase.

We're starting to see more Gulf Fritillaries. I haven't been out looking to see how many Maypops there are but I'm sure Gulf Frits appear when Passionflower vines are plentiful enough for caterpillars to feast.

Gulf Fritillary nectaring on Lantana blossoms The grassy stuff is Gulf Muhly Grass which makes a nice scrim now.

Porterweeds are finally starting to bloom, just in time for nectaring. They bloomed when they first came out of the greenhouse and then rested a while.

Pipevine Swallowtails were the first to appear in large numbers lately. They nectared on Lantana and whatever else was blooming until their favorite, Tithonia, started blooming.

I'm seeing Dogface Sulfurs and lots of little skippers of one kind or another. Buckeyes show up for lunch, too.

I stopped trying to make Butterfly pics and videos because I hate standing out in the hot sun, waiting. And Waiting. I have dozens of pics from previous years. Once in a while they just will show up cute and want their picture taken when I have a camera in hand.


Gardens at Waters East said...

Here along the lake we are having number of butterflies - always nice to see. A good sign that the gardens here on the shores are healthy. JC

outlawgardener said...

You have such a variety of beautiful butterflies! Standing out in the hot sun to get pictures of them doesn't sound like much fun.

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