July 16, 2015

How Did a Shrimp Grow in my Greenhouse?

It is unusual to find seedling plants in the floor of a greenhouse where careful housekeeping is done. Not so at my place, I've had begonia seedlings, Pentas seedlings and a few not-so-desirable plants. I was not expecting this one.

This was the first glimpse I had of anything growing over in the corner. I stand at an angle to water the pots of Amaryllis seedlings and paid little attention to the far corner. Today I looked beyond a clay pot and there it was, blooming.

This was its journey upward.

Never noticed it.

 I don't know if it is pale from lack of brighter light or if it might be a hybrid of some kind. Evening sun shines against the wall.

No blooms so far, just bracts. Blooms are tiny and white.

Wonder why the seeds I plant and nurture so carefully do not grow as readily as something that fell at least two years ago. There were no shrimps over there last winter. This will be one to take cuttings from and keep over winter.


Alison said...

Isn't that the way of it? It doesn't make sense to us that all the little seeds and seedlings that we nurture so carefully sometimes fail, and one that never even gets noticed grows and blooms. It really wanted to live. I hope any cuttings you take from it grow well. So far I've only ever had weeds in the gravel floor of my greenhouse.

outlawgardener said...

Funny what will decide to grow even while being ignored. What a sweetheart of a plant with it's pale-colored bracts. Maybe you've created a new variety. 'Jean's Pink'

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