August 22, 2015

Baby Sago Spreads Its Wings

While I was off getting through an hospitalization and then disposing of an organ I didn't really need because it was full of stones at another facility, my Baby Cycad unfurled its tiny fronds while I was not here to watch.

Today I could stand dying tomato plants no longer and started cutting them down in easy to handle pieces. That effort was short-lived but it was a start.

While I was away, a Brug cutting rooted and bloomed.

While I was waiting for the surgery, I came to grips with the fact that some things might die. I lost fewer than anticipated. He-Who-Mows managed to remember to turn on the vent fan and the mist system every morning.

It's wonderful to be home.


Alison said...

Welcome home! Congrats on a successful operation. Hope you continue to get better.

outlawgardener said...

I'm so glad your surgery went well and you're back home! Did you save your stones to use in the garden? Here's to a full and speedy recovery!

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