September 15, 2015

Ignoring Bloom Day

Skipping Bloom Day in the greenhouse while I get ready for winter blooms.

Trying to clean the greenhouse. The top  is scrubbed of black mold. The inside must be washed to remove green mold. The sides and ends are partly cleaned.

Couldn't find the extension pole. Made do with taking a scrub brush off a handle and putting it on the light bulb changing pole. Car wash brushes do not have long enough handles to reach the very top.

Started moving out pots yesterday. All blooming size Amaryllis are outdoors.
Amaryllis needs to dry off and be cut back in hopes of winter bloom.

Guess Amaryllis seedlings will just keep in growing. Wonder what would result from crowding several seedlings in a single pot?

Need to take empty cache pots and other accoutrements outside and clean, then replace.
Think I'll rip down the grapevine swag and lights. Old lights need tossing; replace with some I bought after Christmas last.

Ambitious project. Outside GH landscaping is full of Bermuda grass on the south side and front.

The north side is in pretty good shape; Gardenias have done very well. Calla lilies are dying back.

There was a problem with a credit card yesterday and it was cancelled because, they said, a merchant was trying to charge the card with bogus charges. They're sending a new one. A bulb vendor was to use that card when they get ready to ship my bulbs in a few days. Sigh.


Alison said...

Sorry to hear about the credit card problems. That has happened to us in the past too. I'm going to have to get busy sorting out my greenhouse soon too. It feels like it wasn't that long ago that I cleaned out all the overwintering plants.

Dorothy Borders said...

I had the same problem with one of my credit cards earlier this year. I'm just thankful that the credit card company is vigilant about potential fraudulent charges.

The greenhouse cleaning sounds like a big job, but one that you will be very glad is done. I'm currently in the process of cleaning and organizing my garden shed and potting bench. A pain in the butt - and the back - but necessary.

outlawgardener said...

Sorry about the credit card issue but glad it's mostly cleared up. Your fall greenhouse cleaning is a reminder of how much is left to do in mine. I've cut back all but two tomatoes and now have to clear the pots of soil that I'll re use for other plants. All the surfaces need to be cleaned a bit to make room for the fall influx of plants vacationing outside. I may bring some plants into the house, especially the ones that like to be dry in the winter. Right now, my greenhouse looks like a battle zone but with work it'll get sorted out.

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