October 29, 2015

Busy Work in the Greenhouse and Out

Potted up Kalanchoe cuttings, 7 of them in 4" pots. 
They'll bloom white probably after Christmas and look festive with red geraniums. 
Kalanchoe roots so easily. 

Potted up the Lemon Grass that I pulled up and almost let die. It has white roots and green stems. Hopeful. Also pulled up another 4 culms and potted in a single pot. It has a better chance because it did not have to sit around and decline. Lemon grass is wonderful for plantings, come warm weather next year. Pets love it.

Am I the only one who sets pots in out of the way spaces and discovers sometimes that something recovered and it growing? A moth-eaten Pentas that was nothing but stems has new growth at every joint. It will make a great winter pot with red blooms, given time and perhaps a larger pot. 

A Brugmansia cutting, likewise. Nothing like a little rain to bring things back from the dead. I put it in the greenhouse with the Pentas cutting and a Persian Shield back from the dead, too. 

Meanwhile outside Brugs are having another round of bloom.

Most Camelia seed pods opened without my finding them.
This one had just one fat seed. I will likely be 80 before it made a bloom,
but the promise in a Camellia seed is too much to pass up.

If you wonder about the woolly gloves, they're cotton knit, just something to keep potting soil from under my nails and off my skin where it makes me itch.  I kept them on from habit when I wandered off.


Sallysmom said...

I think I said this before, but you beat me all to pieces when it comes to working with your flowers. I wish I had half your energy.

Jean Campbell said...

Puttering, Sallysmom, just puttering.

outlawgardener said...

I've found a few pots that I left for dead that sprout anew in the spring. What fun! How cool it will be to see your camellia seed sprout! You really have been busy!

general manager said...

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Rock rose said...

I have been busy in the greenhouse too and must, like you, take some cuttings of lemon grass. Mine is a huge plant which I generally leave over the winter. When I cut it back and clean up in the spring there are usually a few living sprouts. But it would be good to have a back-up plan. Do you take cuttings from pentas?

Jean Campbell said...

Both Pentas and Lemon Grass are mostly root hardy here. I take cuttings and divisions, just in case. Right now I have cuttings of only palest pink and white Pentas because those are scarcest this year. I am subject to get a notion to take more cuttings of most anything, anytime.

Jean Campbell said...

general manager, I failed to understand your comment.

The link is to a 'blind' page with no identification or documentation that features greenhouses in the UK. Few of us here get a greenhouse from across the pond, especially on anonymous recommendations.

Truly, I knew some people once who paid good money for a greenhouse that they filled with faux plants because it looked good beside their swimming pool. Go figure.

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