October 09, 2015

Last Peek before Greenhouse Journal goes Private

Most plants are inside except for Agapanthus in pots that according to Claus need a bit of frost to render them dormant before they come inside.

Epiphyllums are in the left corner around the tin rooster and his perch. Most Schlumbergeras are in blue pots and green pots on the right and behind them as well. It's time to start watching them for baby teeth buds. Commonly called Thanksgiving Cactus, I tend to call mine Christmas Cactus because they start bloom at the end of November lasting into January. I do know the difference (see sidebar note). There are some 'Easter' cactuses at the back.

 Scandinavian blogs that I read have Pelargoniums in their winter greenhouses. I'm imitating that trend.

 Sacrificing space for the Bromel tree was a hard decision. I could have a table and chairs. Burro tails and Mistletoe Cactus are everywhere. Some of the Burros lost beads to squirrels while they summered outside.

 There are some overripe pears behind these Bromels to encourage bloom.

Some white Shrimp Plant cuttings need to be brought in soon. This red Shrimp volunteered in the greenhouse floor, surviving panel scrubbing and furniture moving. Back in summer it was very pale but has color now.

Recently I started keeping a little file on my desktop with thoughts at the end of the day: what I did, what I meant to do, what I might do another day. It would not make for interesting reading except for myself.

My plan right now is to make Dotty Plants a private blog and put everything that I hope visitors find interesting on Seed Scatterer blog. Transferring my file to a blog will allow photos so I know what I'm talking about when my words grow cold after a day or so.

 Here's a sample of my recent notes:

Made succulent pots and stepping stones from what was left over when we poured cement to make a triangle landing in front of the mule barn entry door. Didn't think to get everything ready the night before, so I was grabbing any container and improvising on the spot with some random broken tiles and tessarae from another time. Dog prints showed up on fresh concrete, smoothed out as best we could on the landing. 
___Pot up Ricinus. 
Took 9 white and 9 pale pink Pentas cuttings. Hope I'm not doing it too late. 
As Pots come into the greenhouse, if they're too far down in the pot, I pull out the plant and put a scoop or two of potting soil in the bottom of the pot and fill in around the newly elevated plant. Sometimes they cry out for a top dressing of fresh soil instead.
Epiphyllums cried out for repotting but it will wait until spring.\
Chartreuse and Red Joseph's Coat in mugs, newly scrubbed
__ Pentas -- make bouquets that can root or not. Red, close to Christmas.
White Shrimp. Don't need red, there's a sprout in the greenhouse floor.
Think about taking Porterweed cuttings?

A great part of this might not be necessary for any eyes but mine.


Bernie H said...

Love how your gorgeous Shrimp Plant grew despite the goings-on in the greenhouse. Determined little thing!

I'll miss your greenhouse blog. Even though I don't comment all that often, I always read your posts and follow with great interest. I can understand though the reasoning behind making it a private tool for yourself.

Indie said...

And here I've just discovered your greenhouse blog! Your greenhouse looks gorgeous with all those beautiful plants in such colorful pots. I just got a greenhouse last year, so I'm still trying to figure out how to use it best and heating and cooling and all those things. I have tomatoes and peppers in it this year, which has been a lot of fun. I'll enjoy reading more about your greenhouse and everything on Seed Scatterer!

Sallysmom said...

Love your greenhouse. Sure makes me want one.

outlawgardener said...

Did you use detergent when you scrubbed your greenhouse? I'm not sure what's safe to use on polycarbonate and the roof of mine could really use a bit of a cleaning. Your greenhouse looks so tidy and ready for winter. Most of my plants are inside now but still have a few more to move before it gets too cold.

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