October 11, 2015

On Second Thought...

Maybe I'll just go ahead and leave the blog open to visitors. The content will change to reflect more plans with details of what goes on.

More notes from last week:

Plan to put the Burro Tails up high with rhipsalis for contrast.
All Christmas cacti together, Easter Cactus toward the back because they won't bloom soon, can trade places later.
Hate the room that it takes for Epis, but I'm bringing in all three, haircuts for 2.
Two tomatoes. two tomatoes, repeat after me.

Too many Spiders, I know. Repot the Foxtail fern separately.
LIne up just six Kalanchoe in green pots, a couple of extra pots just in case, to keep them.
Geraniums in white pots on potting bench, one big one in a clay pot.

A popular blogger disparaged trinkets like my tin rooster this week while gushing about a California vendor who features ceramic gnomes. My rooster is a sentimental piece. 

The last time I saw my late brother the Colonel, he was at a posh nursing home in Florida which he believed to be a motel. The facility had a beautiful atrium garden with a tin chicken on a post near the center. My red rooster, one of yes an ark full of imports, reminds me of that visit.  I had no camera with me, but made from memory a detailed list of the plants when I got home.
Christmas Cactus in Aqua pots, Red Ch. Cactus in Green pots  
Amaryllis on north shelf, bring to a prominent spot as they bloom.
Agapanthus, dug and potted as suggested by Claus Dalby. It goes indoors after light frost.

Find a nice spot for the areca palm -- and the small one that grew when I pulled out a culm by accident.. 
May yet dig the bird of paradise, maybe an Alpinia
Repot Firecracker Fern. I really want to throw it away, but take out the Ghost plants and it might be a nice plant again. Think I'll just put the Ghosts along in front of the  pole cuts but Squirrels will probably eat them.
The list goes on and on, reminding myself.


Sallysmom said...

I'm thinking I may dig an agapanthus or two and put in pots. However, I have no greenhouse so is this a waste of time? Will they bloom better in pots?

Jean Campbell said...

Sallysmom, we all garden in different climates. Claus Dalby's Scandinavian climate is so different to mine that anything I do that he suggests is sort of 'try and see' if it works.

Agapanthus here die to the ground in winter, so I'm trying potting up and bringing inside to let them be kind of 'dormant' but not frozen as plants left outdoors tend to get.

Since the only blossom I had this year was on a seedling that I kept indoors, I figure it's worth the possible sacrifice of a plant or two.

Once they die back, holding dormant pots in a garage or basement where they won't freeze might work. Maybe.

You can search Claus's blog at www.clausdalby.dk. Translation to English is possible on the sight. He's on Pinterest, too.

Jean Campbell said...

Translation on the site. Site. I know better. You can also get translation if you have Google Chrome by right clicking and choosing Translate to English.

outlawgardener said...

Love your notes! I've always enjoyed your tin rooster and am planning on putting a stained glass one I made years ago in my own greenhouse as an homage to yours. Objects that have sentimental value are the best!

janiceflorida said...

So glad you left the Greenhouse Blog up. I enjoy seeing what others deem precious enough to bring in out of the cold. Here in Central FL., our Amaryllis and Agapanthus are safe outdoors, but my Desert Roses, Crown of Thorns, and some tropicals are moved in and out of the garage, at the weather's whim. How wonderful to have a greenhouse, and yours is so neat and orderly! The pots of Christmas Cactus are just beautiful.

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