October 27, 2015

When I Fail to Pay Attention

Sometimes I can walk right by plants and forget they're there. It happened to some jungle cacti after I moved most of them inside. I set some larger plants on the makeshift bench where Epiphyllums usually summer. In an out-of-way place, they were simply  overlooked.

While I wasn't looking, this Rhipsalidopsis made fruits after it bloomed for Mother's Day. Should I plant seeds when they are ripe?

These two Schlumbergera put on buds. 
Oh, see the wire basket? Inside it are cycad seeds. A second one has growth. 

 It's windy and rainy today. While we're out here you may as well have another peek.
I bought a single Perlargonium this summer. Next year I want more kinds.

Empty containers await whatever turns up in the next few days. There are Kalanchoes that need bumping up into larger pots. I found a discarded Epiphyllum leaf under the Epi bench. It had greened up, put on a new leaf and rooted. You know what that means....

Purple Alternanthera weaves it's way among pots near the floor. 
 Hippeastrum bulbs are in place to see who throws buds. I would like to see an Amaryllis bloom by Christmas. Red and Chartreuse Alternanthera cuttings are in place in mugs to root. A handful of cuttings will spend a whole winter forming a mass of roots, easily teased apart in spring. You can't see the dozen Pentas cuttings on the floor. I'll be taking cuttings from now to frost.

A panorama makes it look as if there is more space than there really is.  Far left is Amaryllis seedlings and offsets and mistletoe cactus. The Bromeliad tree is stuffed in between those and the shelves where the Geranium shows off has bromeliads that are not Neoregelias on the next shelf. Epiphyllums are back there behind the potting bench around the vintage plant stand the rooster stands on. I stuffed the parlor palm under at the end of the south bench -- there's a new palm start behind the Geranium from where I pulled out a culm by accident.

The step stool holding fertilizers is what I use to climb up to water the things I can't reach. It's a seat to perch on, too. I have not yet brought in the heaters. We are still balmy here with cloud cover holding in heat during the night as well. Rain was sparse; wind was plentiful. I was raking pine straw when a dead limb bigger than my arm fell to the ground. Scary.


Alison said...

Love the panorama shot! I should have done one of those. I guess I still can. I nearly got hit with a large tree limb a few months after we moved here. It was scary.

janiceflorida said...

I'm getting greenhouse envy, shame on me. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I do have a spot in my Hub's large shop to save things in. Your spot just looks so cozy...enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

mr_subjunctive said...

While I wasn't looking, this Rhipsalidopsis made fruits after it bloomed for Mother's Day. Should I plant seeds when they are ripe?

Well, obviously.

Jean Campbell said...

I look forward to your panorama, Alison. Janice, any sheltered spot is a place for lots of winter fun with plants and ingenuity. Mr. Subj. it was you I first thought of when I saw the seed pod. "Oh, no!" I thought, "Not more babies to tend!"

The mother plant looks shabby and should be turned into multiple cuttings. I could give everybody one next spring when Mother's Day rolls around again in memory of Miss Trudy. I sent a budded plant to Miss Trudy the first year I had cuttings off the original she shared. Someone in the nursing home STOLE it, dollar store cache pot and all.

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