November 02, 2015

It Isn't a Journal if There Are No Entries

Reg reminded me that he wasn't seeing flowers in his feed. That's because I think about posting and then fail to do so, sometimes.

It's pretty exciting to think your winter tomato plants are not going to produce
and then find a cluster of blooms and more buds forming.

Maybe there's hope after all.

My tin rooster overlooks a dreary day. Wind blew down our flag last evening.
The flagpole needs new rope, the old rope broke.

Pineapple Sage cuttings have rooted and started blooming. 

I look forward to Schlumbergera from Thanksgiving until after the New Year.
These are the ones typically sold as Christmas Cactus and called Thanksgiving
Cactus by those who know the difference and care. 

I'm parching peanuts. Boiled peanuts are Lane's favorite. We didn't boil peanuts in North Georgia, we parched them. I read how to soak them to have salted peanuts in the shell. We never did that. I expect they're better for you unsalted. 

When I made the last visit to the surgeon, I told him I was enjoying parched peanuts. He said that was a fine idea, very good for you. We didn't talk about salt.

Maybe we'll shell a few after they roast and pop some corn and make caramel Cracker Jack when the sun comes out again. Aunt Grace always said it didn't matter about the weather, just cook your sugar mixture a little longer. My latest notion is using maple syrup and brown sugar instead of white Karo and white sugar. 

I raked pine straw on Saturday and didn't haul and place it, just raked it over to the side of the drive. Now it's all wet and heavy. The paths all have a layer of straw which the mower will blow into flower beds.

This is a purely decorative stepping stone that I walk around rather than tread 
on it. It's made of a vintage vase, some rose rocks from Oklahoma and bits of
coral. All pieces of sentiment from years past.

We got an inch of rain yesterday, mostly during the time I went to the Nursing Home for our every 11th week Service. We take turns with other Churches in the County. When I got out of the car in the back parking lot there was a river of water running across, that came up over my ankles. We're just proud to get rain after a long dry spell.

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