December 29, 2015

New Year's Cactus

If a Schlumbergera doesn't bloom by Christmas, it magically becomes a New Year's Cactus. The peach color and the bright lavender pink are blooming now.

I brought in one of the peach color.

I thought an aqua cache pot would complement it. I see now that Navy blue would be a better choice.

This may call for a do over. I almost let these go unnoticed until I remembered they might need water.


Peter/Outlaw said...

beautiful! I've followed your example and mine now live in the greenhouse. They seem to bloom longer out there in the cooler temperatures.

Janice Taylor said...

Would you mind if I ask a couple questions about your greenhouse? We're considering getting one from Harbor Freight. Are you still using the one you got from there, and has it held up well? Also, were there any major problems with assembly? I would appreciate any information you could give...thank you...Janice

Jean Campbell said...

Janice, I am still using the same HF greenhouse frame. The panels eventually got brittle and hail rendered them full of holes after about 5 years. Panels are available from HF, all parts are. We replaced rollers on the door last year.

Assembly is, well, slow going but it all comes together.

I will search back for my old posts that might help you. Have you looked at the Harbor Freight threads on the Greenhouse Forum on Garden Web? Very helpful. You do need to reinforce and tie down the structure, but I think we got our money's worth, considering the original cost.

Janice Taylor said...

Thanks so much, Jean. I have done some research, and I did find the forum on Garden Web you mentioned. It seems to be a bargain at the price, certainly nothing else I've looked at is so reasonable.

I've also looked over the assembly instructions on line, and as you said, it just looks like it would take some time.

I do appreciate you taking time to answer me. Now, I just have to make up my mind, one way or the other. With me, sometimes that's the hardest part. Thanks again._Janice

Jean Campbell said...

Janice, The big thing about a greenhouse where you garden is not winter cold, it's summer heat. The other thing you have to decide is exactly what do you plan to grow in this greenhouse? Unless you're growing very expensive and delicate tropical plants, you won't need much heat. If you want a month's head start on garden annuals, you still won't need much heat, just some mats.

Last winter I had tomatoes. This year I lost the will to deal with them properly. I've grown eggplants and peppers and lettuces -- all more trouble that I want to repeat.

Mostly a greenhouse is just a warm place to hang out in the daytime in winter. The cat is the one here who most enjoys it.

Janice Taylor said...

Jean, getting a head start on annuals and a place to over winter my Rex Begonias, Desert Roses, and so forth was my main idea. BUT, the further I research about greenhouses in my area, I am seeing that I would only get a few months use out of it. As you said, the summer heat will be my problem. I found a couple forums about FL greenhouses and it seems the owners all install some sort of shade cover to keep their plants from frying.

Oh well, I have to admit, the greatest attraction was thinking about puttering around in my own little space. However, I have to be realistic, so I'll do some more thinking before I decide.

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