January 24, 2016

Bromeliad Vriesea and a Shrimp Plant

I wrote about this plant yesterday. Two pups filled a pot and
one has a bract forming.

Hanging down from the shelf above, a tomato vine has a
tiny fruit formed with bloom still attached.

 Over in the corner of the greenhouse, a Shrimp Plant came up in a bit of soil and it thriving between the wall and a post.

Hyacinths are blooming almost as fast as I can give them away.

January 23, 2016

A Bromeliad Brightens a Blustery Day

Two years ago I bought a pitiful specimen of Bromeliad Vriesea, almost dead at a big box store, marked down from 7.98 to 2 dollars.


I knew it for a bargain: notice the two pups on each side of the main plant? They've grown into a big pot full of foliage. 

Now one of the pumps has a bright orange-red bract forming. 

Never mind that I went out to take a pic and there were complications and there is no photo. Yet. It was too cold to lock up the greenhouse, come in and get batteries and a card and go back and do all that opening and closing again. I went on to where the freezers are to get supper fixings. The wind was so strong it was hard to open the door when I left the equipment barn.

We are hardly inconvenienced by the weather except that it is unpleasant to go outside as is my habit. We are in the corner of the state that escaped snow. 

We had Italian hot cocoa a little while ago. Just as I was about to prepare it, our sweet neighbor stopped by with 3 generous slices of pound cake.   

I sat by this window to rip seams in my sewing project this afternoon. The house protects Camellia 'Mathotiana' from the cold. Lights in the room and other windows are reflected but you can get an idea of the flowers.

I'll get pictures of the Bromeliad as it grows on up. It is always a thrill to have a bracts and blossoms forming on a rescued plant. 


Next Year

Notes to myself re: Hyacinths and potted plants

In the summer order purple Hyacinths.
It won't hurt to have a few mixed Hyacinths.
I get excited to see every color emerge.

Things in Pots:
Wax Begonias
Shrimp Plant
Spider Plant

Probably need to buy more 3" pots, both plastic and clay.
Need cache pots for 3" plastic. All colors. My fav are cobalt, and green.

Will need new tray of wax begonia to start anew. Pink. Red.
Root both red and white Shrimps.
Geraniums are not easy for me, but may as well buy a pink.

Root every little piece of succulents that fall off.
Mixed pots with mistletoe cactus and burro tail might work.
Christmas Cactus --get all those little pieces rounded up and start some new.
Mother's Day Cactus, too. The big one needs dividing into lots of plants.

January 15, 2016

Bloom Day in the Greenhouse Jan. 2016

Outside the greenhouse most everything is frostbitten beyond repair except for Sweet Alyssum.

Inside, Hyacinths are starting to show color in some of the buds. I have enough with color to give to January birthday celebrants at the Nursing Home next week. In early bud, the flowers will last longer that way.

 Geraniums, Pelargoniums if you will, bloom very well under glass. Kalanchoes behind them are in bud.

 Fibrous rooted Begonias are another happy winter bloomer.

Christmas Cactuses have about finished blooming. There is not a sign of a bud among the Amaryllis. I should have bought new bulbs.

Happy Bloom Day.

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