January 15, 2016

Bloom Day in the Greenhouse Jan. 2016

Outside the greenhouse most everything is frostbitten beyond repair except for Sweet Alyssum.

Inside, Hyacinths are starting to show color in some of the buds. I have enough with color to give to January birthday celebrants at the Nursing Home next week. In early bud, the flowers will last longer that way.

 Geraniums, Pelargoniums if you will, bloom very well under glass. Kalanchoes behind them are in bud.

 Fibrous rooted Begonias are another happy winter bloomer.

Christmas Cactuses have about finished blooming. There is not a sign of a bud among the Amaryllis. I should have bought new bulbs.

Happy Bloom Day.


Janice Taylor said...

Jean, all your blooms are just beautiful! I may have to be satisfied visiting your greenhouse. The more I research, the less I think one would be appropriate for my area.

The recipients of those Hyacinths are going to be tickled pink, just lovely._Janice

Jean Campbell said...

You might turn your dreams toward a big potting shed, Janice. Last year we contracted for what I call the 'Mule Barn' because it's where I park my Mule, not real animals. If I hadn't the greenhouse, I would have sited it differently and put a bank of windows on the south side.

I grew a lot of seedlings trundling a kitchen cart of flats in and out of the old tool shed before I had a greenhouse. I forced many spring bulbs in the sink of the unheated laundry room. In climates where there are no continuous freezes, we can find many places to hurry spring.


Janice Taylor said...

Jean, I checked out the tomato/mule barn post. My husband does have quite a large shop, which I already use for curing sweet potatoes and some potting. It's got water, but little natural light. I think I'll take your advice and get some mats for seedlings. He has overhead garage doors on the shop, so I have easy access to outdoors. Some wheels on an old table, and I could be in business.
Thanks again, you've been so kind and helpful._Janice

outlawgardener said...

How nice of you to give your hyacinths away! You reminded me that I should be pulling some of my pots inside the greenhouse to start blooming. I'd no idea how well geraniums would do inside the greenhouse. I'll plan on more of those next year!

Sallysmom said...

I read everything on your blogs I could find about forcing hyacinths and settled on chilling the bulbs and then planting in soil as you have done. Mine are coming along nicely for a first time try. Love yours and could almost smell them.

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