January 24, 2016

Bromeliad Vriesea and a Shrimp Plant

I wrote about this plant yesterday. Two pups filled a pot and
one has a bract forming.

Hanging down from the shelf above, a tomato vine has a
tiny fruit formed with bloom still attached.

 Over in the corner of the greenhouse, a Shrimp Plant came up in a bit of soil and it thriving between the wall and a post.

Hyacinths are blooming almost as fast as I can give them away.


Sallysmom said...

Do you order hyacinths or just buy in big box? I usually order from Brent & Becky but my order never comes until right at Thanksgiving. I want to force some from them next year but can't get them in time to chill.

Jean Campbell said...

I ordered from Longfield Gardens in 2015. They shipped them as soon as the bulbs arrived at their place.

I think it helps to specify on the order that you need them shipped immediately for chilling.

I did buy one bag at a big box store, couldn't wait to have at least a handful in hand.

outlawgardener said...

You are magic with the tomatoes in winter! Hooray for hyacinths and surprise shrimp plants.

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