January 23, 2016

Next Year

Notes to myself re: Hyacinths and potted plants

In the summer order purple Hyacinths.
It won't hurt to have a few mixed Hyacinths.
I get excited to see every color emerge.

Things in Pots:
Wax Begonias
Shrimp Plant
Spider Plant

Probably need to buy more 3" pots, both plastic and clay.
Need cache pots for 3" plastic. All colors. My fav are cobalt, and green.

Will need new tray of wax begonia to start anew. Pink. Red.
Root both red and white Shrimps.
Geraniums are not easy for me, but may as well buy a pink.

Root every little piece of succulents that fall off.
Mixed pots with mistletoe cactus and burro tail might work.
Christmas Cactus --get all those little pieces rounded up and start some new.
Mother's Day Cactus, too. The big one needs dividing into lots of plants.


Nadezda said...

Jean, your hyacinths are very pretty!
You don't need to force them, they grow very well in January in a soil. I have forced some but mine are small and buds were not opened yet.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I like your notes. I have some similar notes. Hoping for great containers again this summer!

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