February 28, 2016

Amaryllis Season Starts

There was not a single Hippeastrum for Christmas. They are starting now to bloom.

This is Exotica, a strong grower.

Four more pots have a bud showing. Appleblossom will be the next to bloom, another of my favs.

Hyacinth season is about over in the greenhouse.

This blue is from a bag of mixed Hyacinths.
A pretty blue, nice contrast for Exotica.

February 15, 2016

Bloom Day in the Greenhouse

It isn't as interesting in there as I wish it were. The cat who had a nice little wicker shelf on which to lie moved over to the middle of a shelf of Christmas Cacti where he has a better view of the outdoors when the door is open.

This one Christmas Cactus decided to bloom late. The season lasted for a really long time from Thanksgiving to Valentine's. It's time to move the Easter/Mother's day Cactus collection to a better spot so they can get ready for their show.

 Hyacinths have bloomed in strange ways. I don't know why I expected that Gypsy Queen would bloom with earlier ones just because I bought them in a 'collection.'

Make a note to always buy them all of a color and pot up single pots when buying a mix. Single pots make a fun little gift and so do pots of 3 or 4 of a color. Mixed pots last a long time but you have that green stem left after you cut off the florets of the earliest bloomers.



Shrimp Plants: a chance cutting from a little broken piece and a volunteer over in the corner.

Pelargoniums are on next year's list.
Kalanchoes not so much.

A last peek through the door.

Happy Bloom Day. What IS Bloom Day?

February 06, 2016

One of my Favorite Views

While we wait for more Hyacinths to open --I'm looking forward to Gypsy Queen, and soon-- let's revisit one of my favorite greenhouse views.

 I still have the bamboo tray table. I still use the cedar bench and the yellow watering can.

The inspiration for this pic was from a photographers' series done for a wedding shoot. Theirs went viral. Mine, not so much.

The inspiration for the floor design was a driveway featured in the Los Angeles Times that used some of my favorite building materials: Urban Stone, Brick and River Stones.

February 03, 2016


Single pots of white Hyacinths that I brought into the house where it is warmer are starting to fade.

Purples are my favorite.

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