February 06, 2016

One of my Favorite Views

While we wait for more Hyacinths to open --I'm looking forward to Gypsy Queen, and soon-- let's revisit one of my favorite greenhouse views.

 I still have the bamboo tray table. I still use the cedar bench and the yellow watering can.

The inspiration for this pic was from a photographers' series done for a wedding shoot. Theirs went viral. Mine, not so much.

The inspiration for the floor design was a driveway featured in the Los Angeles Times that used some of my favorite building materials: Urban Stone, Brick and River Stones.


Sallysmom said...

It sort of has a Japanese look to it. Pretty.

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Jean Campbell said...

Raza, thank you for visiting. Fortunately your attempt at linking to a place to buy fashion tape failed; this is not a free advertising zone. If you are talking about Duck Tape, I buy mine at Walmart.

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