March 06, 2016

Mayhem in the Greenhouse

We came home from Tallahassee to find my two biggest pots of Burro Tail Sedum knocked off the highest shelf and little 'beans' all over the floor and everywhere. Hundreds of the little leaves, so easily shed are now swept up and waiting planting.  I will be the Burro Tail Queen if they all root. There are bigger pieces now curing, too.

Here's  how they looked last May. The bigger pot was blooming then, and now as well.

It is probably just as well. Winter in the greenhouse was not kind to those plants. Now all of them can be renovated and new pots started.

We suspect that a squirrel wandered, and Ike the Cat Who Owns the Greenhouse got after him. The squirrel went vertical and pots flew.

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