July 28, 2016

From Greenhouse to Plant Cave

As the weather got hotter, I spent fewer moments in the greenhouse: dashing in to water, hauling plants outdoors for the summer, avoiding the heat.

Temperatures reach the mid-100s despite a ventilating fan and a mist system, which just feels more like steam. He Who Mows and Thinks of Innovations decided maybe we should shade the greenhouse.

He ordered off for an inexpensive silver tarp. He forgot to order tie downs. We put it up anyhow. Never mind how it got up there. Two determined old people armed with aluminum extension poles, a bit of twine and plenty of grit can do whatever is needed. A slight wind helped; flapped that sucker right on over. We didn't even need the ladders.

All that green on the right is one tomato plant, here since last fall.
It is loaded with blooms. We had tomatoes earlier but fruit is not setting now.

Hangers on indoors.

Pentas cuttings that were not planted out. 
I finally potted them up and this one rewarded.

Another tomato plant, over on the left, blooming. 
They are in pots on the floor and reach for the ceiling.

Storm Cloud
I plan to pot more Agapanthus this fall.

We must get more bungee cords before the next thunderstorm and high wind.

First cool day, maybe I'll move some things around, clean some and bring back in some plants. At least this afternoon it's the same temperature in there this afternoon as outside: 98º F.

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