October 06, 2016

Easing Back to Greenhouse Mode

It's too hot even with shade cloth to keep much in the greenhouse in summer. I kept 2 tomato plants going but they can't set fruit above 90º so they just grew vines.

 This tomato has bare stems up to 5 feet. Old Leaves turn brown and are cut off. I saw photos of the tomato trees at Epcot and decided I could do that, too.I just opened up a board or two on the shelves so the vine could grow up and be supported. It eventually got taller than the shelving.

 Some PVC pipe and a strip of hardware cloth improvised a trellis of sorts for the vines which were falling down among everything else. I did some pruning and now we wait to see if fruit will set when the weather moderates just a little more.

Notice I'm bringing in Bromeliads: Tillandsia cyanea above. Below is a Bilbergia I bought about 4 years ago for $1.25 after it had bloomed and the original plant was dying. There were three pups. They bloomed for the first time after I put a ripe pear beside the pot and let it rot.

Bilbergia. Rabbit's Foot Fern at right is new this year.

Bilbergia pyramidilis

 The big tomato in the corner grew in every direction. When I was cleaning the old foliage off, I had to give the vine in front of the fan a haircut where it was growing into the fan blades.

I think it kind of likes growing across and down. I hope we'll see tomatoes this winter.

Some of the trimmings went into a glass jar to see it they'll root. The jar went into a cache pot to help stabilize the jar. Behind is an Episcia, new this year and blooming for the second time.

Episcia in bloom

Something is chewing on the Episcia leaves and I saw frass. There must be a little worm feasting on it, maybe a moth larvae.

Pink and White Pentas cuttings took a whole year to reach blooming size. They will bloom through the winter and be ready to plant out next spring.

Our first frost date will be here soon. Still have cuttings to take and jungle cacti to bring in. I did manage to fill 2 pots with Agapanthus that will stay outside until the first frost hardens them as instructed by Claus Dalby.

Did I tell you that I gave away the white Agapanthus that I grew from seed? The friend who brought me the Rabbit Foot Fern and the Episcia among other things took it home with her. She sent a photo when it bloomed. I'll post when I find it again. The joy for me is in the growing.


gld said...

Enjoyed this one. Bet your friend was o!eased. I am impressed with your knowledge on growing these exotics.

gld said...

I hope you get winter tomatoes. What a treat that will be. I checked out the pictures on your gh blog. Very impressive. Our frost is about 2 weeks away and I am ready!

outlawgardener said...

So wonderful that you can enjoy your greenhouse and it's interesting and beautiful inhabitants again. Fingers crossed that you get tomatoes this winter!

Sallysmom said...

You are amazing doing all the things you do. I wish I wasn't so lazy and would get up and get busy.

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