October 14, 2016

Greenhouse Filled by Bloom Day, Few Blossoms

Everything that summered outdoors in back inside. Really.

Tillandsia cyanea. These are bracts. The little flowers are bright blue when they appear.


Cyclamen was a gift last spring. 
It rebloomed after a summer rest.

Wax Begonias will bloom all winter.
The dark foliage is Alternanthera.

Is this Gusmania or Bilbergia? I can never remember. Does it matter?

Happy Bloom Day mid-autumn. Join other Bloom Day blogs at May Dreams Gardens 
to see what is blooming in other locations around the world.



outlawgardener said...

Congratulations on having everything inside by bloom day! I also have a cyanea that was in bloom when I got it a couple of years ago. It's made lots of pups and looks very happy after it summered outside but no blooms this year. You've got the magic touch!

Sallysmom said...

I agree with outlawgardener that you have a magic touch when it comes to flowers.

Alana said...

Beautiful flowers and photos, loved them all. Lovely to have a greenhouse; this is something we may think about building when spouse and I finally retire.

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