October 19, 2016

Up Close in the Greenhouse

Last year's red Pelargonium has buds and this cutting has a bloom as big as the tiny plant.

 After the mist was on for a little while, I noticed tiny droplets of water on a little spiderweb. I think it is spider mites. We'll likely do battle all winter.

 He Who Mows and Notices Things discovered a green tomato that had to be pointed out to me despite it being just above a plant I watered yesterday. I hope this is a trend.

 Tomato cuttings that I put in a jar of water already have roots. Plenty of blooms on the second biggest tomato plant growing in soil; it has yet to set a tomato. Maybe I just can't see it, neither can He Who.... When I think of it, I give tomato limbs a shake to encourage them to set fruit.

I wonder what other gardeners do with their plants that grow? Bromeliads have pups that need taking off and potting. I can't stop putting seeds in soil just to see if they germinate. Everything grew bigger over the summer.


It's almost time to pot up Hyacinth bulbs that are chilling. I can sneak little succulent cuttings into the bulb pots so that when I give them away, there's an extra treat with the bulb while they wait for a bloom. One year I put Sedum acre in the pots. I have Burro Tail cuttings to add to some of this year's pots. There might be a Kalanchoe cutting or two to use.

Little Rosettes of Ghost Plant make great bulb companions.

In the Mule Barn, a handful of pine cones I picked up when I raked. I never can have really neat sheds and greenhouse as seen on Pinterest and other blogs because I am driven to save bits and pieces and clippings and cuttings but I am greatly entertained.


janie said...

As Bobby says about me, you are easily entertained, cheap, too!

Jean Campbell said...

I am so easily impressed and have nobody to show off for but myself.

Sallysmom said...

How long do you chill your hyacinths? I have written on the bag that I should take mine out the first week of December. Maybe, I am chilling mine too long?

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