June 02, 2017

Still Turning out Tomatoes

We've eaten tomatoes since January 1. A few at first and as spring opened up, we are able to eat daily tomato sandwiches of which we never tire.

He-Who-Mows took over tomato watering and fertilizing. He was already in charge of picking. 

Next month I will either buy a couple of new plants or root suckers off the old ones the way I did for the past couple of years. It started as an experiment. Now it's a way of life.

Persian Shield grew bigger last winter than I ever imagined that it could.
I put it all into one big pot with Purple Heart and some wandering jew.

This fern put on new growth when Spring came. Now that hot weather is
upon us, most everything is moving outside for summer. The Staghorn
seems happy enough under the mist system.

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