July 17, 2017

Next Year's Tomatoes

It's time to get next year's crop underway. We had a ripe tomato on New Year's Day this year.

Research indicates that Better Boy is the best variety for greenhouse growing under my circumstances and climate. We've had success with Better Boy.

These are ready to pot into big containers. They're staying outdoors until the greenhouse is cleaned. They sat out in the rain today while we were in town.

I lost my enthusiasm for many of the plants I used to grow but the idea of a ripe tomato every day or two from January through half of July is very good incentive for tending a couple of plants.


The Pouting Pensioner said...

Hi Jean, those Boys sound good, how would you describe your climate ? Your tomato plants look so much better than mine? I asked about how you do your sucker growing on your earlier tomato post, but I don't know if the comment got through.

Sallysmom said...

I sure wish I had a way to grow tomatoes in the winter for my hubs. I personally don't like them, but he loves them.

Sallysmom said...

Forgot to say that I learned about tithonia from you. We planted a whole row last year in the vegetable garden. We had lots to self seed & are gorgeous this year. The ones we newly planted are horrible but the self seeded are amazing. Wonderful lesson learned from you.

gld said...

Jean,having tomatoes in winter sounds wonderful! Those plants look very healthy.

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