2015 Notes

(1) Try to have 4 potted tomatoes -- Better Boy -- in the greenhouse in July. 4 gallon containers. They should be started well before July. 2014 tomato was a rooted sucker. It was 3x3 feet when I brought it in.
      Remove slats in the northwest corner shelves so one can sit on the floor and be supported by the shelf unit.
      Put one in the southeast corner and rig twine from the blue corner support to hold it up better.
      It may be possible to have two under the south bench and let them grow up behind the bench and the electrical board.
Tomatoes started in March, 4 suckers. Planted in 4 gallon containers in April. By 3/15, at least 2 were 40 inches tall. Two in shelf unit as planned and 2 to grow up under south shelves. 
Took 5 suckers to root on July 19 to replace the summer ones that have suffered in the heat. Hope to have more bushy plants come fall.

(2) Schlumbergera. Outdoors for the summer. Rhipsaladopsis, too.

(3) Late summer, prune Epiphyllums for better fit. Epis are space hogs, no winter interest after October.
Gave one Epi to Lenorah in early April. One to Miss Winnie when the figs were ripe and one to Barbara late July. July 21 we are expecting blooms in the night.

(4) Burro Tails and Mistletoe Cactus may need to be each put in a single pot instead of many pots taking up so much room.

(5) Bromeliads need a plan.
They all went outside. Don't know how I'll get the tree back in. May abandon that project and just pot them up.

(6) Cuttings need a plan. This past fall I had Pentas, Porterweed, Persian Shield, Purple Heart, a few Begonias, and lots of Alternanthera.
Need to start Pentas in soil, August. Most of others are returning well from roots despite a really cold winter, Pentas too but I want more of them.

Porterweeds do not reliably return, about one of 3 comes back.

Advised by a blogger to let seed heads remain on Pentas, they kind of go out of sight. Pick when dry, shake over a paper for thousands of dust-like seeds.

(7) Lemon Grass divisions are a good plan. Agapanthus seedlings may not be necessary. Have one Agapanthus seedling to see how it fares.
Agapanthus seedling made a huge white bloom, slow to open mid-May.
May want to put more Agapnathus in pots in August.

      Need a plan for things that might be put in the ground in the fall instead of bringing them in.

(8) Plan to remove red cart to free up floor space. (Moved to Mule Barn.) Turn shelf unit in center at right angles when Broms go out for summer. (Turned)

9) Geraniums. Wanted Geraniums (Pelargoniums) when FFA had sale in March. -- Missed the sale because FB notice was for wrong week. Will buy some later.
Bought a Geranium in May, a crimson red.


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