I don't really have GH plans for Winter 2014except for trying to stuff everything and his brother into the greenhouse before frost.

1. Bromeliads. At last count there were 17 Neoregelia, a Vriesea that came back from the dead, a Tillandsea Cyanea and a Guzmania. Nobody shows signs of bloom except for the Tillandsea. All will find a place on the north side with Bird's Nest Fern stuffed on the bottom shelf where it did quite well last winter.
    Maybe I can make a Bromeliad tree out of the smaller Neos with a Pothos cutting and some Spanish Moss and whatever else will fit.

2. Begonias. Angel Wing Begonias will find a place. Fibrous rooted Begonias may have to crowd up. There are so many in with Asparagus Fern and Spider Plants. I intend to squeeze every one of them in somewhere.

3. Schlumbergera. There are easily 3 dozen of these and a few Easter Cactus.

4. Rhipsalis and Burro Tail Sedum. All the extras are probably going to have to crowd in together in a single container. I've rooted bits and pieces.

5. Calla Lilies. I don't know what to do with these except just stuff them under the south bench.

6. How many Pentas cuttings can I accommodate?

7. Other cuttings: Shrimp Plant. Persian Shield. Purple Heart. Take small cuttings. If there's room: Duranta cuttings. Pot up some Lemon Grass.

8. Alternanthera, Thyme. Maybe start some Alyssum.

9. Graptopetalum. It can survive outside but it is beautiful with protection.

10. Bulbs. Purple Hyacinths, I wrote last year. Maybe I have enough Amaryllis unless I run across good bulbs at Lowe's.

Oh, my. The Epiphyllums?

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