Tech Notes

Looking in from the door: back of potting bench faces the door, shelving on left.

Electrical is on a board supported by 4x4 posts.
Sending unit for remote thermometer at left end.
GFI outlets for safety.

A 'fix for hiding the heat sink barrels:
Plastic disposable tablecloth stapled on,
given a burlap overskirt and
reinforced with matching Duck tape.

Heat sink barrels with a sturdy shelf above.

Old medicine cabinet for dry storage on
end of potting bench.

Water source is a single faucet with a Y connector
and short hoses. See below for my latest adaptation.

Plants all crowded in for winter. 2011.

2012 had a different floor, different layout, new shelving.

January, 2013: What I saw when I walked in the door.

 Misting sytem, homemade. Great help in mediating summer temperatures.

The left hose goes to the mister, so I put a
second Y connector on the other side so I
can keep my little piece of hose that fills buckets and attach a regular hose to water outside.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Greenhouse Journal in Southwest Georgia. All rights reserved.


Kathy said...

I'm loving your greenhouse. We just bought the same 10 x 12Harbor Freight GH in November of 2013. Still in the setting up process. We've had trouble with the front doors which have blown in twice in gusty winds.
We're in Dallas area zone 7. I also have many succulents and tropicals I'm trying to overwinter in the GH. Lucky to have found your blog. I'm going to spend alot of time reading it.

Jean Campbell said...

You have to adjust from the top, since it rolls on little rollers, sliding on the bottom.

I fasten mine closed with either a very small pair of vise-grip pliers or, quicker and easier, a bungee cord stretch across the middle and clipped into the holes on the sides of the doors.

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